Elektronik Mekanik is your subcontractor of circuit boards and electronic products in all designs

We are your natural partner from prototype design to volume production.

Elektronik Mekanik is undergoing positive development and offers a business and personal partnership for you. We put our partners at the center and are responsive to your needs and wishes to find the best solution together. With our long experience of electronics production, we know which issues and challenges must be handled for a successful result.

Elektronik Mekanik shall be a full-fledged player in our know-how in the field of electronics production, to develop our customers and their products with constant dialogue.

welcome to us with your next project.


In addition to circuit board manufacturing, we offer final assembly of complete products, so-called boxbuilding, which for example includes assembly of control cabinets as well as wiring and soldering. In short, we are able to help our customers with most things related to box building of electronics and precision mechanics.

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Prototype production

Our experience of production adaptations, component selection and pre-calculations provides a cost-effective prototype with high production feasibility. Prototypes are a crucial and obvious part of the evaluation of the circuit board's functionality, that it works and meets your requirements.

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Circuit board manufacturing

Elektronik Mekanik offers contract manufacturing of circuit boards. We can manufacture everything from a few prototype cards to large production series of 10,000s per batch. With high know-how and the right equipment, we can offer circuit board manufacturing with high quality and short lead times.

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State-of-the-art machine park

Circuit board manufacturingis our backbone and is covered by several components such as laser marking, screen printing, 3D SPI, surface mounting machines, 3D AOI and selective soldering of hole-mounted components. This production line has a capacity of up to 100,000 components per hour and of course it has both gripping functions and glue dispenser for flexible and demanding assembly of components.

Our goal is to invest in new machines that meet the customer's requirements and that Elektronik Mekanik has a fleet of machines that follows the development of the electronics industry.

Our production line is very flexible for all types of circuit board assembly together with a solid LEAN work, so we have developed a world-class production flow!

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Contract manufacturing

Contract manufacturing, also called contract manufacturing, means that we manufacture or process products on behalf of another company. Above all, we offer contract manufacturing of circuit boards with other electronic products.

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Installation of control cabinet

In addition to contract manufacturing of circuit boards, we offer installation of control cabinets. In short, we are able to help our customers with most things related to the production and development of electronics and precision mechanics. If there is something beyond this that we do not have the capacity to help you with, we can get help from our partners.

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Test equipment

We manufacture test equipment for cabling and circuit boards. Both for our own contract manufacturing and for our customers' test operations. We manufacture everything from fully automated test equipment with specially designed hardware and software to test cabling and various types of test boxes.

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